Computer Systems Research

Computer science has immeasurably changed the world we live in, and computer systems are at the forefront of technological innovation and impact on today's society.

From web search, to social networking, mobile computing, and big data, all of the real-world applications that we depend on are supported by large-scale computing systems and infrastructure. With pervasive compute and data needs, our systems are facing daunting challenges in their scalability, resilience, and usability.

The Johns Hopkins Computer Science Department is home to a leading research group that innovates in many areas of core computing systems. The algorithms, systems, languages and tools that we have developed and deployed range from sensors networks for rainforests and hospital emergency rooms, to highly resilient networks that transport video streams across the globe, community science databases for physics, neuroscience and biochemistry, and novel scripting and declarative programming languages.

Research Labs

Storage and Databases

Prof. Randal Burns

Programming Languages

Prof. Scott Smith

Networks and Sensors

Prof. Andreas Terzis

Data Management

Prof. Yanif Ahmad